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Punnet Supplier Ireland

Through our sister company Infia UK we supply the world leading Infia brand of thermoformed plastic punnets. This gives us access to a wide range of punnets made from PET, RPET and PP that enables us to comprehensively service all sectors of the fresh produce industry.

To satisfy gaps in the market we have also developed relationships with local and UK based manufacturers which allows us to cater for most of our customer punnet needs.

Infia is betting everything on the environment with 100% RPET

This will provide a type of packaging that has the same transparency and resistance as the one obtained from virgin raw material and that, at the same time, guarantees perfect sustainability at every level, dramatically reducing the environmental impact.

✓ 100% recycled and recyclable plastics
✓ 100% environmental sustainability
✓ 100% circular economy

Why is it Sustainable?


  • The recycling process avoids end-of-life plastics from going to the landfills or to the incinerator. It also helps decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and the use of raw materials.
  • In its guidelines on waste management, the European Commission puts the recycling process right after prevention and reuse.
  • The correct recycling process and the respect of the waste disposal are crucial to reduce the marine littering.

Ideal Industries

Fresh Produce

Soft Fruit

Fresh Fruit



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