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Bubble Wrap Supplier Ireland

At JMC we supply a vast selection of premium quality bubble wrap packaging so you can  have the best effective protection you need. From small and large bubble wrap rolls to anti-static pink bubble wrap, standard and anti-static bubble bags, and furniture protection packaging, we have all you need to ensure ultimate support and stability you require.

Choose the right bubble wrap for you

You can customise your packing protection solution by choosing from our selection of bubble wrap:
  • Small bubble wrap – our small bubble wrap roll provides an excellent level of protection for smaller sized goods
  • Large bubblewrap items. Relating to the size of the bubble, not the length of the bubble wrap roll,
  • Our environmentally friendly paper bubble wrap is a great alternative to plastics. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, it is also 100% made from recycled material.

Anti static pink bubble wrap

Pink anti-static bubble wrap for the protection products that are prone to static damage. The special bubble additive prevents the build up of static electricity by dissipating any surface charge, protecting the wrapped contents. The high quality bubble film maximises air retention, providing long term cushion protection against shock and vibration.

Green oxodegradable bubble wrap

Biodegradable Bubble Wrap is an excellent environmentally friendly protective packaging alternative to standard recyclable bubble wrap. Our rolls of biodegradable bubble wrap is made from fully oxo-biodegradable plastic, breaking down completely in just 6-18 months to minimise environmental impact and give you a guilt-free bubble wrap which protects both your goods and the environment as well

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