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We represent Ilapak on sales, service and parts in Ireland.  We handle a range of flow wrapper from the entry level to a high-speed machine. They are tailored to match each customers specification and deliver maximum production flexibility.

This can range from a heavy-duty flow wrapper where volume packing is a priority to a smaller compact version where space is of a premium.

We believe in providing our customers with equipment that will work well in their environment with minimum maintenance and cost, giving longer shelf life.

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Featured Ilapak Flow Wrapping Machines


Entry-level electronic machine, fully PLC controlled with an intuitive HMI: the best flow wrapper for small range applications where fast and easy to operate size change operation are required. Reliable and with a low operating cost the Smart flow wrapper is also available in stainless steel version to serve different industries.

ILAPAK’s horizontal rotary jaw flow wrappers can be tailored to match each customer’s specific needs, and deliver maximum production flexibility and efficiency at each performance level.



Astra machines are very versatile since the product is placed on the film as it moves towards the sealing area. These machines are particularly suitable to wrap irregularly-shaped and variable-length products that must be packaged with care. Constructed in stainless steel, the Astra inverted flow wrappers have box-motion sealing jaws.


Carrera 1500

This latest addition to the Carrera portfolio incorporates incremental innovations that have enabled ILAPAK to stretch the performance: price ratio of the system. A radical re-engineering of the machine frame has produced the first ILAPAK flow wrapper with a tubular frame for added robustness, whilst on the sealing system, heavy duty shafts and surrounding bearings allow for greater and more consistent seal-jaw pressure. This improved jaw profile results in superior seal appearance and integrity.

Delta Flobag

ILAPAK’s dedicated solution for replacing shrink bags, it’s the most efficient solution to shrink and vacuum processed meat and cheese. This ILAPAK solution can range from a stand-alone HFFS flow wrapper with long dwell technology or a complete solution to meet different market needs. All Flobag flow wrappers are electronically controlled and equipped with variable cut off length control to minimize and optimize film usage. 

One of the most effective ways to extend the shelf life of fresh products is to pack them in a hermetically sealed pack with a modified atmosphere. Our robust Delta flow wrappers are precisely engineered to ensure hermetic sealing at high speed.


Delta 3000

ILAPAK’s Delta 3000 is PC controlled and equipped with long dwell technology for modified atmosphere (MAP) to cover the widest range of applications and includes ILAPAK’s:


Unique high speed hermetic sealing technologies.

It’s heavy duty and reliable design allows the Delta 3000 to be integrated in automatic packaging systems.

Machines are also available in stainless steel and bottom film feeding versions.

The Delta 3000 LDR allows for the handling of delicate and irregular sized products.


Ideal Industries




Pizza & Tortillas


Pet Food

Chocolate & Confectionery

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